Tsfat Special Education Center for Early Education

“Before this center existed, we were forced to send our four-year old outside of the city. Not to mention the financial toll, it was a physical and emotional drain on the entire family. Now that he can remain local, family life has stabilized and our son is flourishing beyond anything we thought possible.” ~Mother of “Eitan” from South Tsfat

Until the Tsfat Special Education Center opened its doors, parents of young children with learning disabilities had no choice but to send them outside of the city. In many cases over the years, children remained untreated and grew up with constant battles in learning, facing insurmountable obstacles as they made their way through the system. For this reason, Nachal Novea established a Special Education Center for children, aged 4-8, with a wide range of learning and emotional challenges, including ADHD and dyslexia. The first of its kind in Tsfat, the Center impacts upon the lives of children during a critical stage in their development. The ability to help these children locally has been a financial and emotional rescue for both the children and their families.